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Private Car Insurance Policy FAQs

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Why do I need to insure my vehicle?


In India, it is compulsory to insure all vehicles at least for third party liability risks that covers motor vehicle owners against all legal liability for bodily injury or death or property damage to any third party due to any accident involving motor vehicle in a public place. Motor vehicle is a valuable asset you own which also needs protection in case of accidents, damage or theft.

What are the different types of Policies available?


There are two types of Motor Insurance Policies available and they are, (i) Liability Only Policy - Covers legal liability for bodily injury or death or property damage caused to any third party due to any accident. (ii) Package Policy - Covers loss or damage to the insured vehicle in addition to -third party risks mentioned above.

What is No Claim Bonus (NCB)?


It is a reward to the policy holder for no claims made in the previous policy year given at the time of regular renewal. NCB can be accumulated over a period of time for all claims free years up to a maximum of 50%.

Is my No Claim Bonus transferable to another-insurer?


Yes, you can transfer your eligible NCB to new insurer.

How do I know the premium payable for my vehicle?

  • You can contact any of our branch office for more details on competitive premium quote with best of the coverage possible. It is advisable to fill the proposal form completely furnishing all the required information before asking for a quote to get the best deal considering all the good features of your proposal.

Where can I renew my policy?


You can contact any of our branch offices for renewal of policy here.

What if my previous policy has already expired?


We need to inspect the vehicle before issuance of a fresh policy. For this you need to contact our branch office or can call our toll free number for further assistance.

Can I replace a new vehicle in my existing policy?


Yes, you can replace your new vehicle in - your existing policy - In such a case, please -call our toll free number for further assistance or you may visit our nearest branch office.

What should I do when my vehicle is sold ?


You need to inform us immediately by visiting our nearest branch office or call our toll free number for further assistance.

I have lost the insurance policy for my vehicle. Can I get a duplicate?


You can get a duplicate policy with payment of nominal fee of Rs. 50/-. Please call our toll free number for further assistance - or visit any of our branch office.

What if my vehicle has CNG/LPG kit installed?


If the CNG/LPG kit is manufacturer fitted or when you install one from a third party vendor you need to inform us at the time of taking the policy or before or immediately after installation of such a kit for the continuation of benefits under the policy.

Can I cancel my policy midway?


Yes, this policy can be cancelled midway only after ensuring that the vehicle is insured at least for liability risks.

What is compulsory excess and voluntary excess in motor policy?


All policies carry compulsory excess amount, which is deducted from the claim amount payable. Voluntary excess is over and above the compulsory excess amount opted by the Insured to avail discount in premium. When one opts for voluntary excess, the amount opted -will be deducted from the claim amount payable.

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