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While we all are aware that with age, health related conditions are inevitable, yet most health emergencies are unforeseen. To add to the woes, prevalence of lifestyle related conditions like Diabetes is increasing and new diseases like swine flu are emerging.

Though medical technology is advancing and diseases can be cured, yet the same can happen only if one is in a financial position to be able to meet expenses of quality treatment.

Therefore, health insurance cover is need of the hour. Protect yourself and your family with a comprehensive health insurance product such as Magma HDI's OneHealth- covering all your healthcare needs under one plan.

OneHealth- Your one insurance for all needs..….

It pays your hospital bills if you are sick!!

It awards you with No claim Bonus if you are healthy!!

It rewards you with Fitness rewards & discount on premium if you are proactive and engage in regular fitness activities!!


Here's what you need to get started



We have different plan options PLUS We also offer optional covers to provide you flexibility to create cover as per your need:

You have 4 plan options to choose from. Each plan has Sum Insured options- Choose a plan and Sum insured keeping in mind the present and future health needs of you and your family.

Plan Sum Insured options
Support 2 lacs / 3 lacs / 4 lacs / 5 lacs
Support Plus 2 lacs / 3 lacs / 4 lacs / 5 lacs
Shield 5 lacs / 7.5 lacs / 10 lacs / 15 lacs
Premium 20 lacs / 30 lacs / 40 lacs / 50 lacs

Following optional covers can be taken by paying additional premium. These will further enhance your coverage: 

  1. Critical Illness cover: Lump sum amount is paid if insured person suffers from one of the defined 11 critical illnesses.

  2. Personal Accident Cover:  Lump sum amount is paid if insured person suffers from death or permanent total disability due to Accidental injuries.

Following optional covers can be chosen to reduce premium. Remember that these are cost sharing covers- hence in case of claim, part of it has to be borne by you!

1. We also offerAggregate Deductible optional cover. If you opt this, your policy behaves like aSuper Top Up policy,that is to say, claim in a Policy Year becomes payable only after deductible limit is crossed. A deductible does not reduce Sum Insured.

Plan Name Aggregate Deductible Option
Support & Support Plus 1Lac/ 2Lacs/ 3Lacs
Shield 2Lacs/ 3Lacs/4 Lacs/5Lacs
Premium 3Lacs/4 Lacs/5Lacs

2. Voluntary Co-payment: You can choose a co pay option of 10% or 20%.

You can opt for 1 yr or 2 yr or 3 yr tenure policy.

Policy Duration:

Avail discount on single premium payment for 2 and 3 yr tenure policies:

Policy period Discount percentage
2 years 10%
3 years 12.5%


What coverage do I get

Each OneHealth insurance plan has Basic covers and Additional Covers.

Basic covers give you coverage for various medical expenses maximum up to the Sum Insured limit.

Additional covers are in-built additional coverage. These benefits are over and above the Sum Insured limits.

Key benefits are:

  • In patient Hospitalization: for hospitalization expenses like Doctor's fees, operation theatre cost, surgery cost,anaesthetist charges and nurse charges
  • Day care treatment cover- for expenses of modern procedures that do not require 24 hrs hospitalization admission (for e.g. cataract surgery)
  • Pre Hospitalization cover- for expenses incurred before admission to hospital
  • Post Hospitalization cover- for expenses after discharge from hospital
  • Ambulance cover: for expenses incurred for emergency road ambulance
  • Organ Donor expense cover- for hospitalization expenses of the person who is donating organ for the use of Insured person
  • Domiciliary Hospitalization cover- for expenses of hospitalization at home in case where condition of patient is such that he cannot be taken to hospital or if hospital beds are unavailable
  • AYUSH cover- for non allopathic treatment like Ayurveda
  • IVF treatment cover
  • Bariatric Surgery cover
  • Psychiatric cover
  • Lasik surgery cover
  • Cumulative Bonus- which once accrued, is not reduced even if you claim
  • Free annual health check up for all adult insured persons irrespective of claims
  • + Much more!!

Your OneHealth policy gives you comprehensive cover. Please refer to Policy wordings for complete details.

What is not covered?

There are some conditions which are never covered in your Policy. Others are covered after a defined waiting period.

Initial waiting period:

First 30 day waiting period is applicable for all treatment expenses except for Accidents

For critical illness cover, 90 days initial waiting period is applicable.

Specific disease waiting period:

For some defined illnesses like Cataract, hernia, Joint replacement surgeries, etc; a 2 year waiting period from start date of first policy will be applicable.

Pre existing disease waiting period:

For pre-existing disease, a waiting period of 2 to 4 years (as per plan opted) shall be applicable.

Permanent exclusions:

We will not be liable to do any payment for treatments related to permanent excluded conditions. For e.g.:

  • Treatment related to addictive conditions and disorders
  • Any Alternative Treatment except for the Benefits under AYUSH Treatment
  • participation in adventure or hazardous sports
  • Treatment for any Illness or Injury resulting from nuclear or chemical contamination, war, riot etc
  • Drugs or treatment not supported by prescription

For cover specific waiting periods and complete list of exclusion and other details, please refer to policy wordings.


Your premium depends on following factors:

  • Plan type: Individual or floater
  • Plan opted: As per plan option chosen among 4 available plans
  • Sum Insured
  • Age
  • Zone
  • Optional covers if opted
  • Instalment option, if chosen

Zone wise premium

Our product comes with zone based premiums structure.

Zones are classified as:

Zone 1: Delhi including National Capital Region, Mumbai including Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vasai-Virar, Bangalore and Gujarat

Zone 2: Coimbatore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kolkata and Kerala

Zone 3: Rest of India

Zone Co-pay:

If zone for which policy had been taken and zone where treatment was taken, are different zone based co-pay may be applicable as below

Zone applicable as per Policy Zone where treatment is taken Zone based co-pay
Zone 1 Zone 2/3 Nil
Zone 2 Zone 1 25% for every claim
Zone 2 Zone 3 Nil
Zone 3 Zone 2 20% for every claim
Zone 3 Zone 1 35% for every claim

Who can take this Policy?

You can opt for individual policy covering single person or Family Floater policy covering maximum up to 4 adults and up to 3 children

  • Family includes self, spouse, dependent children, dependent parent(s) dependent parents-in-law,  son-in-law,  daughter-in-law, dependent grandchildren
  • For individual policy minimum entry age is 5 years, for family floater it is 91 days
  • Proposer (Policyholder) should be 18 years or above
  • Maximum entry Age is 65 years

Claims made easy

1. Download Claim Form

2. Intimate a claim  1800 266 3202

3.Track your claim 

4. Healthcare @ Home Call  080-33512534.

  • Helpline 1800 266 3202

Health Policy Payment 

Customer Support: 1800 266 3202

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