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About Policy

These endorsements are designed to cover some additional risks of the vehicle together with loss or damage to the Vehicle itself.

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Scope of Cover

Depreciation Reimbursement: This add-on endorsement reimburses you the amount deducted as depreciation during an own-damage claim involving partial damage of the vehicle.

Return to Invoice: Through the Return to Invoice Add-On you can claim reimbursement for the difference between the cost of a new vehicle similar to the one insured, and the total loss claim amount in the event that your insured vehicle is stolen or is a total loss.

NCB Protection: In case an own-damage claim is made, this Add-On endorsement envisages to protect the NCB level that you are enjoying.

Tyre Damage: This Add-On endorsement will pay for the cost of new tyres, in case a tyre is damaged beyond repair for any reason.

Additional Personal Accident Cover: The Additional Personal Accident Cover Add-On helps you increase the limit of coverage of the personal accident cover of your main motor policy. All other terms and conditions of these Add-Ons are similar to that of what is covered under the PA section of the Motor Policy.

Hospital Cash Allowance: These Add-On endorsements allow a daily allowance for a period not exceeding thirty days, if the insured persons are hospitalised due to injury in any accident involving the insured vehicle.

Basic Roadside Assistance: These Add-On endorsements provide for certain Basic Roadside Assistance as follows:

  1. Towing of disabled vehicles due to any reason
  2. Minor on-site repairs due to electrical or mechanical failures (the cost of parts, if any, need to be borne by the insured)
  3. Battery jump start
  4. Change of flat tyre by the spare tyre carried in the insured vehicle
  5. Retrieval of vehicle keys from inside the locked vehicle
  6. Replacement of contaminated fuel or providing emergency fuel in case the vehicle runs out of fuel (the cost of fuel, however, has to be borne by the insured).

Additional Roadside Assistance: These Add-On endorsements provide for certain Additional Roadside Assistance to private car owners provided you have also opted for the Basic Road-side Assistance. These are as follows:

  1. Continuation of journey if the insured vehicle is disabled on road due to any reason.
  2. Local travel, when on tour, if the insured vehicle is disabled due to any reason, when the insured vehicle was used in the tour
  3. Overnight expense when on tour if the insured vehicle, which was used during the tour, is disabled due to any reason.
  4. Repatriation of the insured vehicle, if the disabled vehicle is repaired in a place at least 100 kms away from your registered address.

Engine Damage: This Add-On endorsement will pay for the cost of child parts of the engine in case of hydrostatic lock damage of the engine.

Key Replacement: This Add-On endorsement will pay for the cost of new set of ignition keys in case the old set is stolen or damaged.

Loss of Personal Belongings: This Add-On endorsement will pay for the loss of your personal belongings like mobile, laptops from your parked locked vehicle.

Inconvenience Allowance: This Add-On endorsement will pay a certain amount of allowance per day for a period not exceeding 10 days when the insured vehicle is undergoing accidental repairs.


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